Thursday, January 13, 2011


swallows winter here
lithe and swift
they skim
the surface of the river
fierce and joyful

bane to insect
balm to my heart

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

jumper cables

feathers glistening crows watch us from their premium seats
cawing and rocking their amusement
heckling the fumbles of our human performance

The dead battery in a friend's car (the nongmobile!) prompted this stone. But I must admit the crows in Miyazaki are a bit scary. We caught one at the beach going through a girl's bag while she and her boyfriend were distracted just a few feet away on the sand. It had removed pretty much everything including her wallet. The kites at that beach are equally dangerous and famous for stealing the sandwich out of your hand as you attempt to put it in your mouth. No eating and walking at Aoshima if you value your hands and face.

already longing...

Still January

the plants on the window sill
are dull
their pale leaves
the wan winter light

lie there too
hard, round circles of
and sweet memory
of a far away season

Can it just stop being winter already?
I have chilblains on two of my toes. It is my fault that I do, I know. Someone stole my good, winter hiking shoes off my front porch--sheesh! Seriously! And I have been hiking for the past two weeks wearing winter socks with summer shoes. Bad Julia. So, the toes are angry. Never fear though, relief is coming. I got a new pair of Keen boots--oh beauty in brown and tan. They are wide and warm and will protect my poor little piggies. And from years of chilblains in this blasted country (which has such issues with denial about how cold it actually is in Winter and what measures should be taken to insure that houses are not the same temp as the out of doors). It is highly unlikely that anyone who reads this will ever need to know this, but OTC sore muscle rub (like Ben Gay) works wonders. Thought I'd share.
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