Monday, May 2, 2011

presents--all for me--all in the name of love

I love my husband. That is not always a "given" in a relationship and so I am grateful.

The reason why I am spouting on about my feelings for him is that today he brought me home a present. It didn't cost him anything and it was all the better that it didn't.*

He knows me well and knows that spending time outdoors is one of the things that makes my fur lie flat. He has been going out in the hills and walking while I am at work. I am not jealous of this--I am in fact very glad that he is getting out of the house and getting exercise. It would not do to waste all the fitness that we found for ourselves during the winter months. (During the week I have to make do with the stationary bike and my yoga ball...That's OK too because I can catch up on Gray's Anatomy and House while I sweat.)

Anyway, Shuji brought this video back from his latest solo excursion. It was a taste of Spring with all its creatures great and small that is waiting for me until I can get out into it again.

*He also brought me home this bit of monkey poo a few weeks ago. I am not especially fond of monkey poo. Certainly it does not warm my heart like the voices of the "kajika" frogs in the video. But he could not catch the monkeys on film, so he did the next best thing. It makes me feel good that he knows me well enough and that our relationship is stable enough for him to (without hesitation) bring me a photo of poo.
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