Three Beautiful Things

Three Beautiful Things-
--with some Stones Thrown in for Good Measure
Small Stones for January 2011

One beautiful thing:

October 19, 2011--egret gliding above the water
so white it stings my eyes

January 1st-- Cinnamon rolls on New Year's Day
--me trailing the smells of yeast and spice as I make a run to the shops for extra butter.

Originally was "Three Beautiful Things" but I ran out of steam when the second semester started. Let's see how I do with the Small Stones Project.

I do not think that it will be possible to do them daily, but once a week sounds like a reasonable goal.

These are the "top" 3bts (that I sent from my twitter account) this week
  • a good book--Devotion(dani shapiro), a good movie (the girl in the park-sigourney weaver), google chat with my dad.
  • writing a new blog entry, two pages for an journal, going back to bed for an extra hour : )
  • cake with a singing candle, good wishes from far and wide, a lightning storm--all for my birthday. three beautiful things today
  • sakura jima spewing ash, still holding hands w/him 18 years on, parallel play--me w/my journals him w/PlantsVSzombies  
  • 1. turtle rescue on the highway 2. an osprey looking at us as we crossed a bridge 3. *not* getting bit by the leech near the waterfall.
  • shave ice--as only Japan and Hawaii can deliver (金時), prayers at the beautiful Inari shrine, my husband making jokes,making me laugh
  • the sounds of the neighborhood settling in for the evening, a night walk with my husband, a good, hot bath.
  • Three beautiful things today: spooning, brief summer rainstorm, the call of an owl across the darkness from the local shrine.    

This is my first foray into 3BT:

 1. My husband looking at me and saying "kawaii kao shite" (translation--what a lovely face) when we were bringing in the laundry on Tuesday. He is not really one for compliments and it was a warm-fuzzy addition to our quiet quotidian activity.

2.  Our neighbor's little dog running and jumping for joy at the sight of us (there is an invisible line in their driveway that he will not cross, so we have to go across the road to visit). He is an ancient chihuahua my husband has nicknamed "the boneless ham" because his bmi is way high for his little body. When "Chiro" comes out for a bit of a walk, the sun shines brighter.

3.  The smell of the "Yoshino" incense that we burned this morning. We only have three sticks left. I have to write to the lady who runs the shop on the road down from the shrine (we miss it so much) and ask her to send us some more.

(outside the shop)

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  1. Hi Julia - I finally FOUND YOU!
    Lovely thoughts here, I look forward to reading more.


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