Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some Sun between the Raindrops

We are in the midst of "the plum rains"--a lovely, and misguiding translation of the bucket that have been coming down. Don't get me wrong. I like a bit of rain. It keeps things green and I know we need to get our water from somewhere, but 600 cm in three days...(that's like 7 inches) enough already I said. And my little prayer was answered because today we got some sun. The laundry will dry and our tatami mats will not mold over. Yea!

The forecast for this weekend is rain on Saturday and (probably) sun on Sunday. I really want to get outside. With any luck we will be able to stretch our legs. Maybe we will go for a walk in Kaeda Gorge--a pretty little area in the nearby mountains. Or if the weather is *really* nice, maybe we will try going further afield. There is supposed to be a very nice walking trail about and hour and a half drive away. (That may sound like a hefty way to go just to walk, but there is always history to be run into on our walks and that makes the drive worth it. More on that later.)

Blue hydrangeas are one of the small perks of "the plum rains".

Gotta close. Lunch break is over. Work calls.
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