Friday, August 13, 2010

A good day--August 12th

Today was full of bonuses.
We went to the beach. The lady that owns the car park we always use gave us watermelon--cold and sweet and we used the hose in her garden to wash the juice off our arms.
We ate leftovers (Okinawan goya chanpuru), cleaned up and drove up to Camellia Park to see the shooting stars.
Time for bed. Good night August 12th 2010.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

creepy crawly love

Shuji was looking out the window at the downpour of rain we had the other day. I was finishing up the dishes and suddenly he tells me to grab the camera--"Quick! There is something out on the porch." (That was a little scary, but I figured it couldn't be too dangerous since we were hurrying out to see it--not running from it or calling the police/animal control or something.)

This is what he spotted and I snapped pictures of:
It is a cicada trying to dry its wings after having just crawled out of the ground and emerging from its non-winged state. Its body is still translucent. I had never seen one that was still clinging to its former skin.
You may be grossed out--but I thought it was very cool.

I know the photos are not great, but that is not the point.

The point is that Shuji doesn't really like insects. He is not fascinated by them in the way I am because he has seen these since he was a kid and has a very "been there, done that" blase attitude toward the creepy crawlies of Japan. He does however know that I find them very intriguing and love to take their photos. I was touched that he would come running to tell me and because I know that he did it to make me happy.
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