Saturday, April 30, 2011

knowing how to have a good time--Happy Golden Week 2011

We are all products of our environment--that is to the extent that we cannot say "NO" to those voices from our past that creep into the back (or front) of our minds as we live our daily lives. Even though I am in my forties, even though I live half a world away from the people who raised me, even though I have learned to ignore most of the little things--some tidbits of advice, parental mantras or family obsessions remain and surface from time to time.

Tonight I was drying my hair and as I looked in the mirror I thought "My gran would not like this hairstyle (cut, length, style)."

It is not like it matters. She will certainly not see me and even if she did I would be able to say politely that I am sorry she does not like it or something akin to that and would not need to get testy back. I have, at least, grown up that much. But it is amusing how much we want approval from our elders and how we (or at least I used to) glow when we get a pat on the head.

I remember this same gran saying once how Shuji and I sure know how to have a good time. This was in comparison to an aunt and uncle who in her eyes did not have this desirable trait. In my eyes, the aunt and the uncle are happy. They get along well and are very supporting of and loving with one another. But I guess that isn't enough.

Well, she is right. Shuji and I certainly know how to enjoy ourselves...
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