Thursday, October 30, 2008

10 items or less

Last weekend we watched a Morgan Freeman video--not hard to do as he is *everywhere* these days. It was called "10 items or less" and was a very slow-food, slow-life, slow-paced kind of film--probably not for everyone, but I really liked it. 

So anyway, in one scene the two main characters share lists of things they really love and really hate--ten item limit for each thing. Yes, that is a very simple and silly idea, no extreme thinking out of the box there really, but it made me think about my list. I am still working on it, but will share...(of course I will--this is a blog--that's what it's for ; )

Things I hate--a beginning:

1. Giant centipedes
2. People with no manners
3. People who don't think
4.  Politics of all kinds

Things I love--a beginning

1.  Being alive
2.  Evening
3.  Good things to read
4.  Friends
5.  Where I am from
6.  Good food
7.   Good music
8.  Being outdoors

Right now it looks like the love list outweighs the hate list (although the hate list does not contain pet peeves). That seems like a good thing. 

Think about it--make your list. 
Add to mine.
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