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Why Japan?

There is a website that I love it is called "WTF Japan? Seriously" ( WTF Japan? Seriously ) and it is full of reasons to love or not love this unique country. People ask me why I live in Japan. I usually answer them with the reason why I came to Japan, or if I am feeling snippy because the person has begun to delve into too many personal areas, I just say "because I have an 85 year old mother-in-law" and they stop asking me questions (usually).

Why I came to Japan and why I am still here are two good questions and they have both different and overlapping answers. The "came to" reason is pretty simple: I needed a job and I needed to get away from Utah for a while. During university I began to dream about getting out of Utah--actually I had vivid day/nightmares about becoming trapped there. I developed an unreasonable fear of station wagons which I still cannot shake and was sure that if I stayed I would end up like the freaked out sister (not Holly Hunter) in "Home for the Holidays." Anyway, I got myself certified as a teacher (rather than certified as a mental patient which is where I might have been if I had not left UT) and found a job as far away as I could. Initially the intent was to just stay for a year, get some experience and and put another year between myself and the seniors that I thought I would be teaching when I returned home. Yeah, well, that was 22 years ago last month. I go back to visit, but not to live. So that takes us to the "stay" part...

(coming soon)


  1. Look at you with your fancy tabs! I am anxious to read this section, but take your time, after all, it did take you 22 years to get here.


  2. how cool! love the post sounds like you are having fun!


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